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Can you maybe make a platformer version? I want to remake an old game I made a while back, and this is perfect, only its top-down.)-:

Sure, if I have time!

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Hello there! You have a WICKED awesome tileset here, and using it was smoother than cream cheese on a bagel!!! Thank you so much for making them available and we used them in our game! Please feel free to check it out and thank you again for sharing your talent! Keep on creating!

Thank you so much!

canvas size please

What do you mean?

is it 64*64 pixel image or 16*16 pixel image to slice it in unity and place it in my game



Great work! This was perfect for my game jam game. Btw, I didn't see the fence sprites in the png or aesprite file. Not sure if that was intentionally left out. Super helpful regardless. 

Yeah, I accidentally deleted them lol. No clue how to get them back.

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I’ve got a couple of older versions of the Zip file if you’d like them. (I archive copies of everything I add to my lists of assets.)

Nah it's fine, I recreated the fences

I want to make a game city will you allow me to use this asset for my game? I only use it for personal use.

Sure, you don't have to ask.

thank you, I'm just making sure, because my lecturer strictly forbids using unlicensed assets or illegal assets without permission. 

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“Asset license: Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal” is a pre-emptive grant of permission.

CC0 is a bit of a special case (more on that in a moment) but that’s how Creative Commons and other forms of general public licensing work. They’re “I hereby grant all members of the general public who are willing to follow these terms a license to use this”.

(CC0 is a public domain declaration with a fallback license so, in jurisdictions that recognize the ability to put something into the public domain early, it’s “I hereby give up my right to impose terms on you.” rather than “If you’re willing to follow these terms…”)

You are so talented!!! Thank you

Thank you!


It's wonderful, Thank you.



Hi! I wanted you to know that I'm using your beautiful tileset for my shoot 'em up video game. I just released the first demo, so you can take a look. Of course, I mentioned you in the credits.



Did u have tileset modern city 256x928

What do you mean by that? 16x16 is the base size of each tile.


what i mean that can you size the tileset to 256x928 if possible.If not its ok


Resizing it would require me to redraw everything since that's a lot bigger than 16x16.


Ok ☺️

Hi, can I use the first image you included?

What are you going to use it for?

I would like use it as the background image for one of the scenes of my game.


Thank you!

thx dude really helped me

Rpg maker compatible

I'm not exactly sure because I don't use it, but the tile sizes are 16x16 and you'll need to format them yourself.

The download only has the aesprite files and no pngs?


Really? Sorry, I'll fix that

Its no sweat, thanks!


You will appear on my RolePlay game credits, thanks for this!
(i think we will got a beta on a few months)


Great! Looking forward to it!


hola, me encanta tu trabajo, es espectacular. ¿ Puedes hacer una ciudad tipo (tunnel of love) un juego de  Coca Cola ? no se si lo conoces... Gracias por tu aporte.

No, no me conozco que es "una ciudad tipo". ¿Qué es ésta?

Se refiere una ciudad con un estilo, el "tipo" se quizo referir a, "Si puedes hacer una ciudad con la estetica de tunnel of love"

So yea, this tileset looks beautifull, and i really wanted to use it in my game but when i imported them to RPG Maker MV they were too small. I'm gonna try again in Gamemaker Studio 2.

Yeah, RPG Maker MV uses 48x48 tiles, so my tiles are too small. You can scale up my tiles by 300%, which will result in tiles with pixels that are 300% larger, which might not match with any other assets you're using.

Can I download this asset for my game?

Of course you can. I wouldn't put this on this website if you couldn't.

that looks pretty neat!!

Thank you!

This is a very nice pack, you could add a few cars that fit the style. Very clean.

I think I had a car but I accidentally deleted it lol

Maybe I'll recreate it later I guess

So... you had a virtual car accident?


This is wonderfully done and very beautiful

Thanks! ^.^

This is wonderful! I've been looking for some city tilesets! Thank you!

No problem! :D

Looking good! Thank you, please make more

Sure, if I have time. Any suggestions?

MAKE a full city interior and out please!

can you???? :r

I can try to make more exterior tiles, and I'm sure there are other people making interior tiles out there. :)

Amazing work !

Thanks! :)